Equality and Inclusion

We believe in equality and inclusion. We have undertaken a wide range of work in the field of equalities for public and third sector clients – with particular experience in engaging disabled people, people with additional support needs, and people from minority ethnic communities.

Client: Equality and Human Rights Commission

Title: Public attitudes to equality, human rights and independence in Scotland

Description: We undertook research which explored the perceptions of people with protected characteristics on whether independence would impact on Scotland being a fair and equal society. It involved discussions with women, younger and older people, disabled people and people living in disadvantaged areas.

Client: sportscotland and the Equality and Human Rights Commission

Title: Research into equality and sport

Description:  This work aimed to advance equality within the sport sector in Scotland.  The work involved a literature review of equality in sport, an online survey, interviews and focus groups with people that work within the sport system in Scotland and people with protected characteristics.

Client: COSLA Strategic Migration Partnership

Title: Migration Matters Scotland

Description: This work involved exploration of how local authorities respond to migration, and the development of a new resource to support their work - Migration Policy Toolkit.