Our core team and associates bring a wealth of experience in social research across many different areas.

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Our team has led many innovative and pioneering research studies in Scotland.


Equality and inclusion

We have undertaken a wide range of work in the field of equalities for public and third sector clients – with particular experience in engaging disabled people, people with additional support needs, and people from minority ethnic communities.

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Community engagement and empowerment

We have wide ranging expertise and experience of research exploring community engagement and empowerment. Andrew Fyfe and Christina Bruce are acknowledged experts in this area. These examples of our community engagement and empowerment research work illustrate our experience

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Health and wellbeing

Our team have worked on many projects related to health and wellbeing.

From health services to social issues we have worked alongside organisations to provide the focused research needed to help others.

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Schools and education

Our team has undertaken many important research projects in the area of schools and education. This research is mainly qualitative and involves gathering views, opinions and experiences of many people including children and young people, school staff, parents and carers and stakeholders working at regional and national levels.

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Children and young people

Our team has vast experience of undertaking research with children and young people. We fully understand the protocols for carrying out this kind of research and have strict procedures in place for gathering appropriate consents for young people to participate in research.

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Arts and culture

Our team has a keen interest in arts and culture in Scotland. We have worked on a variety of research studies in this area. The examples below provide a flavour of our experience in this area.

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