School and Education

Our team have undertaken many important research projects in the area of schools and education area. This research is mainly qualitative and involves gathering views, opinions and experiences of many people including children and young people, school staff, parents and carers and stakeholders working at regional and national levels.

Client: Scottish Government

Title: Additional Support for Learning

Description: This qualitative research explored the experiences of children and young people of additional support for learning, and the experiences of those who support them. The research took place in six local authority areas across Scotland, in primary and secondary schools; mainstream schools (with and without additional support needs bases or enhanced support) and special schools, varied geographies and levels of deprivation. We spoke to 100 pupils ranging from primary 2 to primary 6, 54 school staff and 39 parents. Our report can be found here.

Client: Scottish Government

Title: Qualitative Research: Attainment Scotland Fund

Description: This qualitative research was undertaken to inform the wider evaluation of the Attainment Scotland Fund. The research involved face to face and telephone interviews with teachers, local authority officers including directors of education, key attainment leads, attainment advisors, national strategic stakeholders and parents from across Scotland. We explored views on a wide range of issues including selecting interventions, targeting, governance, support, funding and more.

Client: Scottish Government

Title: Interim Review of Regional Improvement Collaboratives (RICS)

Description: This qualitative research involved exploration of people’s experiences and views of the Regional Improvement Collaboratives. We carried out depth face to face and telephone discussions. We met with national stakeholders from Education Scotland, Scottish Government, COSLA, ADES, SOLACE, regional stakeholders, and school staff. The published report is available here.