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Katy MacMillan, Director

Qualifications: MA Honours (First Class) Geography and Management Studies, MPhil Urban Policy and Practice, University of Glasgow

Katy leads the team and is a highly experienced and respected researcher.  She has worked in social research since 2001 and was a director of ODS Consulting before setting up Research Scotland in 2015.

Katy is skilled at managing both large and small scale projects at national and local level.  She has an inquisitive, analytical mind, and is excellent at summarising complex and rich qualitative and quantitative information in a simple, accessible and user friendly way.  She is skilled in using innovative and mixed method research techniques and routinely leads process and outcome focused evaluation and support.

Katy is regularly appointed to write and edit reports for a wide range of audiences.  She is excellent at communicating and writing in plain English. She is a skilled facilitator of both small and large scale events and discussions.  She brings a structured but relaxed approach, supporting and challenging participants to consider different issues and perspectives through sharing expertise and ideas.

Over the past 18 years she has developed vast experience and understanding of the public, community and voluntary sectors in Scotland.  Some examples of Katy’s work and expertise can be found in our areas of expertise.