Analysis and Writing

Complex ideas presented clearly

We know how hard it can be to create strong reports, funding applications and other documents when you need to focus on day to day project delivery. We bring expert skills in analysing complex information and presenting it in a simple way. We can provide advice and editing support on applications or reports you have prepared to ensure they are outcome focused and easy to read for your target audience. We always write in plain English. 

Scottish Government

Daily Mile Leadership Event

In April 2019 leaders from across the health, education, youth, voluntary and business attended an event to discuss what being a Daily Mile Nation might mean for them.  We were commission to produce an event report. Katy attended the event, listened to the presentations, and moved between workshops to get a flavour of discussions and action planning sessions.  She collated and analysed all of the notes from the event, and produced a highly visual event report.  

Equality and Human Rights Commission

Is Scotland Fairer?

Katy was the report writer for the EHRC, drawing together its five year report on progress in terms of fairness and equality in Scotland. This work involved reviewing ten evidence papers on equality in Scotland, and presenting quantitative and qualitative information in a user friendly, accessible and succinct manner. The report is available here.

Scottish Government, Analysis of written responses

Analysis of written responses on a new social security system for Scotland

Our team undertook the analysis of the Scottish Government’s consultation on a new social security system for Scotland.  This was a large scale consultation with over 230 questions which received 600 responses. We analysed the responses and reported on this analysis within a four-week period.  The published report is available here.